Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Modern Musicology

Bit of a slow post. On Wednesday night we headed to Glebe for some friends music trivia night. I was pretty pleased with myself as I managed to get home from work and ready to leave in 10 minutes. I know I'm amazing! Anywhoo we had dinner at the pub where the boys were throwing the trivia night, I a ceasar salad and Ginger a steak. Yum Yum Yum. 

Much to the surprise of our team mates (and us if we're being honest) ginger and I were rather an asset to our team actually knowing some of the answers. Still this didnt seem to help our teams final result, 6th out of 9 teams.

If you happen to be a Sydney local you should defiantly check the night out. It happens every Wednesday at the Roxbury Hotel Glebe, free booze up for grabs. Check out their facebook for more details. 

Giraffe x

Friday, 22 July 2011

Wisemans' (not so efficient) Ferry

Road trip? Check! Car full of... stuff? Check! Crackers and dip? Check! A one night get away in the middle of nowhere? Check! 3 good friends? Check! Camera? Check! Alcohol? CHECK!

Yes'ir, we packed the car up, drove hour and whatever out to Amy's holiday house in Wiseman's Ferry for one night of crazy possibilities!
We had DVD's, food, fire, a camera and wine. As much as we prepared ourselves for a crazy night more action happened in the morning and next day than the night before. Amy had just returned from Uni Games and was wrecked so she headed off to bed fairly early. That left Giraffe and myself and two bottles of wine to ourselves... We watched Love&Other Drugs - EXCELLENT movie, had a few giggles and headed off to bed fairly early ourselves.
The next morning we eventually awakened and watched endless episodes of The Hills.
Then the fun started...

I got kicked off of chairs, pushed down between the sofa and window, crackers stuffed in my mouth, the list is endless! Giraffe of course, got it all on film!

We decided it was time to head off just after lunch.  So we cleaned and packed and hit the road to Wiseman's Ferry to get the ferry back across the river. The one problem... It was a 45 minute drive to a broken ferry. We sat in the queue for a while, ate some more crackers and dip from the night before, then I decided I'd had enough. Around we turned with the bribe from Amy "If you can get back to Webbs Creek Ferry in 15 minutes i'll buy you a bottle of water and coke at the end".
Game. On.

Dirt roads, blind bends and potholes were no obsticle. I was going to get those drinks... until we stumbled upon my old street, hooked a sharp left into the street without warning and traveled up the never ending road which led us to 'Private Property'. "So what" I say, "No one will know..." Amy and Giraffe didn't so much agree...
Back on the road we got, drink bribe out of the question, just us and Bohemian Rapsody at full blast!


Monday, 18 July 2011


So I was rummaging through some old ass photos on my old ass laptop and discovered some gems under many not-so-gems. This also being my first solo effort at a post gave me a tooty bit of inspiration to create a little picture board. 

October 2010 we hit up Parklife. It rained. A lot. A couple pairs of wellies (gumboots), a useless poncho, and some grog and we were good to go! Rain, hail or shine we weren't about to have anything less than a fabulous day jamming out in a muddy field to some wicked music! A friend of Giraffe's from uni came along to join in on the fun, Megan. Later we also met up with some more friends to share a jig with. 

Personally the only down side of the day/night was the much looked forwarded to set by Missy Elliot who didn't do a whole lot more than dissapoint with her endless song interruption by meaningless chit chat and yell outs to 'WASSSUUPP SYDNEYYY!". NB: Missy. Us Sydney-ians heard you the first, second, and 18th time you yelled at us.
All in all, it was a grand old day bustin' moves and galavanting around for endless hours...

"... I used to live in a voodoo city..."


Saturday, 16 July 2011


I spent alot of the day searching for venues for ginger's 21st online. And I still maintain that's the reason I was still in PJs at 5pm (there was a shower in there somewhere). After work, the little one came to visit with the intention of finally finishing season 1 of our OC marathon. I know shock horror; Ginger has never seen it! So we made a stir fry and ate it with the intention of watching the OC straight after. Meanwhile the Glee Project was on tv, so we kinda started watching that and forgot about the OC. I guess we both have our favourites, I love Cameron and Ginger has a soft spot for the Irish. 

Source: Seriesandtv

After Glee one of my all time favourite movies came on Beetlejuice. Again Ginger had never seen it!! 
Beetlejuice Beetlejuice Beetlejuice

Giraffe xx

Friday, 15 July 2011

21 and Sushi.

Went out last night to look for a venue for Gingers 21st. All very exciting stuff. We went and looked at a few places but nothing really tickled our fancy. There was always something that wasn't just right. Poor Ginger has been sick these past few days and has been coughing her guts up constantly.

We took a break from scouting a venue to grab some sushi for dinner. On the way we found an outdoor ice skating rink and some penguins! Thursday night and sushi train was pretty busy so after waiting for a while, with the threat of hunger outbursts from ginger, we finally got to eat.

Giraffe xx

Tuesday, 12 July 2011


With Falcona Fridays celebrating their 1st birthday this last Friday's night out was always set to be a big one. We met a big group of friends and set out to Kit and Kaboodle (our favourite club) prepared for a big one. After a couple of drinks the dancing started and literally did not stop until some of us got kicked out for being visibly intoxicated. 

At one stage we were busting a move kinda like this on the top level and had planned to venture to the middle level of the club to see the cover band playing and give our bodies a rest, the phrase "Oh after this song" was thrown around several times within the hour.  

We were that group that everyone looks at like "WTF!"

Luckily we tore ourselves away from the dance floor long enough to make it downstairs to see the cover band, thinking that it would be a break for our tootsies. How wrong we were. The band was the best cover band we have ever seen. Instead of simply playing different songs; they kinda mixed songs into each other with no break in between. So naturally our domination of the dance floor continued. 

Rookie mistake however, no one took a camera. This was not due to forgetting the camera but my lack of ability to remember to charge the battery for more than 10 minutes before leaving the house. So we've had to steal some photos from Falcona. As such it seems we were too pre-occupied with dancing up a storm that we only managed to be background lurkers in a couple of the photos. 

Eventually, when some of us got kicked out, the night ended where any good night ends... in Maccas. 

Ginger&Giraffe xx

Sunday, 10 July 2011

Road Dipping.

When all else fails, and the ferry you need to get across the river to get home breaks down, what else is there to do but have a dip party in your car.