Tuesday, 12 July 2011


With Falcona Fridays celebrating their 1st birthday this last Friday's night out was always set to be a big one. We met a big group of friends and set out to Kit and Kaboodle (our favourite club) prepared for a big one. After a couple of drinks the dancing started and literally did not stop until some of us got kicked out for being visibly intoxicated. 

At one stage we were busting a move kinda like this on the top level and had planned to venture to the middle level of the club to see the cover band playing and give our bodies a rest, the phrase "Oh after this song" was thrown around several times within the hour.  

We were that group that everyone looks at like "WTF!"

Luckily we tore ourselves away from the dance floor long enough to make it downstairs to see the cover band, thinking that it would be a break for our tootsies. How wrong we were. The band was the best cover band we have ever seen. Instead of simply playing different songs; they kinda mixed songs into each other with no break in between. So naturally our domination of the dance floor continued. 

Rookie mistake however, no one took a camera. This was not due to forgetting the camera but my lack of ability to remember to charge the battery for more than 10 minutes before leaving the house. So we've had to steal some photos from Falcona. As such it seems we were too pre-occupied with dancing up a storm that we only managed to be background lurkers in a couple of the photos. 

Eventually, when some of us got kicked out, the night ended where any good night ends... in Maccas. 

Ginger&Giraffe xx

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