Monday, 18 July 2011


So I was rummaging through some old ass photos on my old ass laptop and discovered some gems under many not-so-gems. This also being my first solo effort at a post gave me a tooty bit of inspiration to create a little picture board. 

October 2010 we hit up Parklife. It rained. A lot. A couple pairs of wellies (gumboots), a useless poncho, and some grog and we were good to go! Rain, hail or shine we weren't about to have anything less than a fabulous day jamming out in a muddy field to some wicked music! A friend of Giraffe's from uni came along to join in on the fun, Megan. Later we also met up with some more friends to share a jig with. 

Personally the only down side of the day/night was the much looked forwarded to set by Missy Elliot who didn't do a whole lot more than dissapoint with her endless song interruption by meaningless chit chat and yell outs to 'WASSSUUPP SYDNEYYY!". NB: Missy. Us Sydney-ians heard you the first, second, and 18th time you yelled at us.
All in all, it was a grand old day bustin' moves and galavanting around for endless hours...

"... I used to live in a voodoo city..."


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