Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Gingers 21st.

After weeks of hard work and late nights it was finally time to get our drink on and celebrate the little ones 21st. It was a beautiful night with lots of dancing and lots of alcohol (thankyou bar tab). We (well I) came up with the idea of having a photo booth in one of the corners at the part with lots of different props for people to use to take photos with. It seemed to go down a treat with over 300 photos from the night (and that was just my camera. 

I love you ranga, Happy Birthday 


Busting a move to Use Somebody. "You have to play a Kings Of Leon song" 

Photo booth fun.

Wednesday, 17 August 2011

And so it begins.

On the weekend we went to one of my longest friends 21st birthday party. After day full of hair rollers and an outfit dilemma the night was a lot of fun. I went to primary school with this friend and it was lovely as my whole family (and her family obviously) was there. As I was getting ready it was so surreal to be going to the 21st birthday of a friend that you have grown up with.  

Happy Chappys 

I made a cute little speech, and then drank a few cute drinks.

Ginger in her usual fine photo form. 

Pretty exciting the next 21st up will be gingers. Forgive us if we are a bit MIA in the next week I'm sure there will be a lot of planning and last minute running around required over the next week. 

Beach in the middle of winter.

Sydney had a bit of a break from winter the other week. The unexpected break in the cold weather gave us a chance to have a much needed beach night with the girls. After some dinner by the beach, I had Caesar salad (one thing you'll learn about me is caesar salad is my go to meal) and Ginger surf and turf, we headed to the sand.  It was a beautiful night, good to just relax on the beach in the nice weather. 

Yes we may or may not have eaten the entire take home tub.

There may have been some tackling and sand fighting involved somewhere along the night. 

Thursday, 4 August 2011

Cake time.

A late night cake stop with our good good friend E after some Music Trivia. I might just add too that our team was horrible. Came last dead last. But we had cake time so it was all good. 

Ohh And! We won a free Jug of beer for coming last in the first round (and coincidentally all the rest). Downside? We were all driving so we had to swap it for a jug of coke. Rowdy bunch we are thats for sure.