Friday, 9 September 2011

In preparation...

In just under two months I fly out to Charlotte, North Carolina in The United States. There I will surprise my other best friend, Chelsea. She has absolutely no idea that I'm coming out. In fact, I've told her I'll fly over February of next year. 
Both Giraffe and I have discussed on numerous occasions the examples of her reactions. All of these consist of her falling into a completely paralysed state of shock mixed with extreme entire body convulsions.  

I arrive in Charlotte at 11.15pm on November 6th 2011. Chelsea's parents will then pick me up and we'll head back to the house. The next morning, I will drive down to Chels's university, Gardner Webb and wait outside one of her classes until she finishes. That's when I'll surprise her. 
Oh the images keep flashing back.

Here is a sneak peak of beautiful downtown Greenville, South Carolina. I will also be spending a good amount of time down there as well visiting other good friends. 

On January 15 2011 I leave Charlotte, NC and fly up to Calgary, Alberta in Canada.
There I will be participating in an 11-week course to obtain my snowboard instructor certificate. With this qualification I will be able to be a snowboarding instructor anywhere in the world. 
The beautiful place that I will be staying until April 2011 is Lake Louise. A resort town just outside of Banff. It being an inland mountain and resort, has it's overwhelming common temperatures of up to -30degrees celsius. Hmmmm rug up!
Enjoy the stunning views that I will have for 3 wonderful months.

Viaggiare per il mondo

Ginger  xx

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  1. I love this area. I used to live in Canmore and taught snowboarding at Sunshine and than at the Lake. Hope you had a fun winter there.