Friday, 22 July 2011

Wisemans' (not so efficient) Ferry

Road trip? Check! Car full of... stuff? Check! Crackers and dip? Check! A one night get away in the middle of nowhere? Check! 3 good friends? Check! Camera? Check! Alcohol? CHECK!

Yes'ir, we packed the car up, drove hour and whatever out to Amy's holiday house in Wiseman's Ferry for one night of crazy possibilities!
We had DVD's, food, fire, a camera and wine. As much as we prepared ourselves for a crazy night more action happened in the morning and next day than the night before. Amy had just returned from Uni Games and was wrecked so she headed off to bed fairly early. That left Giraffe and myself and two bottles of wine to ourselves... We watched Love&Other Drugs - EXCELLENT movie, had a few giggles and headed off to bed fairly early ourselves.
The next morning we eventually awakened and watched endless episodes of The Hills.
Then the fun started...

I got kicked off of chairs, pushed down between the sofa and window, crackers stuffed in my mouth, the list is endless! Giraffe of course, got it all on film!

We decided it was time to head off just after lunch.  So we cleaned and packed and hit the road to Wiseman's Ferry to get the ferry back across the river. The one problem... It was a 45 minute drive to a broken ferry. We sat in the queue for a while, ate some more crackers and dip from the night before, then I decided I'd had enough. Around we turned with the bribe from Amy "If you can get back to Webbs Creek Ferry in 15 minutes i'll buy you a bottle of water and coke at the end".
Game. On.

Dirt roads, blind bends and potholes were no obsticle. I was going to get those drinks... until we stumbled upon my old street, hooked a sharp left into the street without warning and traveled up the never ending road which led us to 'Private Property'. "So what" I say, "No one will know..." Amy and Giraffe didn't so much agree...
Back on the road we got, drink bribe out of the question, just us and Bohemian Rapsody at full blast!


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